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MLB All-Star Game

July 12th, 2010 | 2 comments »

Tomorrow night I have an appearance on SportsNite (CSS at 6 p.m.) just before the MLB All-Star game kicks off. Accordingly, I’m sure the game will be discussed.

Earlier today I asked my Twitter followers what one thing they would change about the All-Star game.  The answers were as I expected (no one player from every club requirement, no World Series home field advantage on the line), but they brought up more questions.

I would love for you to chime in below with your thoughts on these questions (feel free to answer some or all):

  • What is the one thing you would change about the MLB All-Star Game?
  • Why do you watch the MLB All-Star Game?  Or do you?
  • Has interleague play made the MLB All-Star Game less interesting to watch?
  • Would you watch if no one from your favorite team was selected?

Any other thoughts on the MLB All-Star Game are welcome!

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2 Responses to “MLB All-Star Game”

  1. jordy

    1. connection to world series home field. this problem is compounded by mandatory representation, such that now not even the best 33 (34? 50?) players in each league are fighting for home field. i don’t know a single person who likes the world series scheme. i’d prefer to let 162 games by my team determine home field.

    2. i don’t watch the all-star game.

    3. no. interleague play is despicable in its own right, but does not diminish the all-star game.

    4. probably not.

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