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Welcome to It’s a Swing and a Miss!

January 7th, 2010 | 1 comment »

New year, new blog! After three years of blogging on Chop ‘n Change, it’s time to return to having my own personal blog. Nearly five years ago, I started blogging under the name BabeonBaseball. Attempting to give my poor “real world” friends a break, I took to the internet to discuss all things baseball. At that point in time, most of my blogging centered around the Braves, my hometown team. Eventually, I was asked to join Chop ‘n Change and gladly joined what turned out to be a great group of Braves bloggers over the years.

In the years that have passed, I have spent more and more time studying baseball adminstration and economics and less time blogging about the Braves. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Braves (although I have plenty to say about their offseason dealings, or lack thereof), but I am passionate about everything baseball. As they say, baseball is a jealous mistress. So, here I am out on my own again.

Since my last experience blogging on my own about baseball, I’ve had my legal journal article Can Money Still Buy the Postseason in Major League Baseball?: a 10-year retrospective on revenue sharing and the luxury tax published by the University of Denver.  I have also had terrific opportunities to guest lecture on revenue generation and development, revenue sharing, collective bargaining and competitive balance at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University.  All of this has led me to work on a book that will further develop the ideas from my legal journal article and my lecturing. 

So, as I prepare to submit the first few chapters of my book to the publisher, I am embarking on this new blogging journey.  There will be no baseball topic that is off limits here.  For the first week or so, I’ll be reposting some past blogs from Chop ‘n Change that are on topics of general interest.  I’ll also be doing some book reviews for the many, many baseball books I’ve read along the way. 

Keep your eye out for a new tab to appear at the top of the page in the coming days that will link to reviews of every stadium I’ve been to, both in the Majors and Minors.  And I’m not just talking about telling you Fenway is the oldest park in use in the Majors.  I’ll give you the lowdown on the area around the stadium, where to stay, how to get around the city, where to eat both inside and outside the park, what kind of seats to buy, ballpark traditions and much more!  Ever wondered what it’s like to go through the draft as a player?  I’ll have some great interviews from players I interviewed for my book.  We’ll talk about revenue sharing, the luxury tax, club payrolls, how MLB Advanced Media is changing the economic landscape.  Do you have a question about collective bargaining or team administration?  Email me and I’ll cover that topic.

Special thanks go out to my friend Eric Richardson who inspired the name for this site.  Also, a big thank you to my friend, Jeremy Whigham, who has always designed me the most amazing graphics for my many crazy exploits.  Thanks to him, I have a terrific banner for this site that is even more than I envisioned!

For those who have followed me over the years, I hope you’ll join me for this new journey.

For love of the game,


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